Your ultimate blueprint to your home-based performance marketing business you can run from anywhere in the world.

Platinum Mentorship Program 2023

Platinum Mentorship Program 2023

Platinum Mentorship Program 2023

In this mentorship program Christina showcases step-by-step how she runs a PROFITABLE performance marketing campaign using Facebook & TikTok Ads. šŸ’°šŸ’Ž

  • how she selects the right offers,
  • how she does research on her competitors to model their ads and landing pages,
  • how she creates and edits the creatives and ad copy,
  • how she adds her own unique twist to the funnel and finalize a good landing page that sells,
  • how I structure profitable ad campaigns on Facebook that sets you up for success right away!
Platinum Mentorship is the ultimate blueprint to start your home-based anywhere in the world performance marketing business. This system will provide you with all the necessary resources to make a living out of performance marketing. Anything you can think of you'll find it in there, for example landing pages, ads, CPA network referrals and weekly coaching with IMQueen Christina - all the tips, tricks and tools that you need to make money from the comfort of your home.
It takes about 6 weeks to complete and contains over 20 hours of high quality recorded training videos that will make you a performance marketing rockstar from zero to hero.


Module 1 Optimize Yourself

Module 3 Performance Marketing 101

Module 4 Online Presence

Module 5 How to Apply for CPA Networks

Module 6 How to Select Offers

Module 7 Competitive Advantage / Spying

Module 8 Landing Page Setup

Module 9 Choose & Setup Tracker

Module 10 Copywriting

Module 11 Art of Creatives

Module 12 All About Facebook Ads

Module 13 Optimizing & Scaling

Module 14 Creatives Swipes


  • How to discover a profitable online niches to make money from (even if you are a complete beginner!)
  • How to easily create high-converting campaigns from scratch and how to optimize them to make profit
  • How to live the "Laptop-Lifestyle" by traveling the world and making money with your passion
  • How to turn your passion into profits and live a life of abundance and freedom


I would highly, highly recommend that you take this course. I haven’t heard of any other Facebook related course out there that can rival this one. It’s not the mundane stuff that every other course teaches. This is like the GOLD, the PLATINUM, the TITANIUM. 


- Vortex @ STM

Good news!  I implemented all of your teachings and saw my Cost Per Lead drop from $32 per leads down to now at $12 per lead today! HUGE win!

Our client just asked for us to increase our lead flow to 2,000 higher than what we are pacing out now so I started building more campaigns!

- Ruben R.



Hop on the weekly Support Calls! Hosted by Christina every Wednesday at noon!


Get direct chat support and introduction to private networks via Skype!


Join the private Elite Community to find accountability partners!


  • You want to see real life examples of how ALL of this is done so that you can model off of what is currently working in 2023
  • You want to create consistent income for you running autopilot, without the need of touching anything
  • You want to grow your marketing business and finally being financially and location free
  • You don't want to waste time with endless researching online telling you different things
  • You don't want to get de-motivated by failed marketing campaigns, being humiliated and never making any profits
  • You don't want to test hundreds of things to see what works and what doesn’t while leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table


Investment: $4,997

Save $$$ by paying in full!

Not ready to pay in full yet?
Invest in 3 installments over the timeline of 12 weeks.

$4,997 3 x $1,999


First I didn’t aim for big money I just wanted to make profit, like for example 3 or 4 figures a month. It was my first goal and then I started making it in 1 month after joining Fast Lane Profits, very very fast! Your course is really really valuable and I suggest to everybody! 

I’m making about 5 figures per month now.

- Tadas D.
The ROI for myself has been unquestionable. It is without a doubt worth the money and time. And not only do you get what you learn out of it but you get Christina as a valuable contact thereafter that has just proven to be just as valuable as the course itself so I highly recommend her. So if you’re thinking about, if you’re on the fence, JUST DO IT. 

I just hit my first $XXX,XXX month profit and am on top of the world!

- Brandon B.
One thing is important to know: YOU still need to do the work. She gives you a MAJOR headstart with a super throughout roadmap, but it's up to you to endeavor it. Expect to work/think hard.

Yesterday I did my first $1k revenue day (pinch me), and am on track to be doing $1k+ profit days within the week.

- David C.


How long is the course?

It is about 30+ hours of high-quality training videos.

How many days does it take to complete your course?

It takes about 6 weeks to complete the course.

Would you say this is a beginner course or more of an intermediate to advanced level?

It’s for all levels - There’s super basic and pretty advanced materials, basically explaining and showcasing every little step as if I wanted to teach my 71 year old dad who has limited English ;) But it also very much caters performance marketers who already know the game but wanna improve their strategies.

What if I need assistance and more help from you?

HUGE value lies in the weekly support calls you get with this program. You get to tune in to the weekly group calls where you can ask your questions directly from Christina and also learn from other’s questions.

How much money can I make after completing the course?

We can’t predict nor guarantee how committed you are to your performance marketing business but we see some students making anywhere from $XXX to $X,XXX profit daily. Watch our testimonials, they speak for themselves!

Iā€™m only good at blackhat offers, hoping that your course can help me transition to whitehat offers?

Absolutely! The whitehat game is very different and this is exactly what I’m showing you step-by-step, the mindset, the rules, the best practices to maximize your ROI without losing 100s of ad accounts.

What about the offers we will promote? Will you tell which ones work the best?

Yes, Christina will showcase a real campaign as she's putting it together from scratch to scaling daily. This is why it’s good for beginners and advanced performance marketers, you get to learn everything from A-Z :) 

Is it all Facebook Ads focused? How about Instagram or TikTok Ads?

Yes, it’s mostly focusing on TikTok & Facebook. As the same ad buying principles apply to Instagram - you can also run ads on Instagram, it’s very easy to move a winning campaign over to Instagram too. 

But algo is changing so often, will you do updates?

Exactly why we do the weekly group calls to give full support on changes and also we will be updating the course along the way as time goes on to make sure you get the latest up-to-date info on how to print money with Facebook, Instagram & TikTok ads.

Will you show how to create landing pages and setup tracking?

Platinum Mentorship has a 6-part video series with PDF as well as written content.

Yes we go into very deep details on even how to make the landers, step-by-step and trust me if Christina can do it (as not being so technical) you can do it too. We also show the tracking side of the campaigns, of course!

If I join the course will you answer my questions after?

Yes, you can address your questions in the weekly group calls, in our private community or submit a support ticket

Can I wire you the money, can you send me an invoice?

Yes, please reach out with your company details and we’ll send you an invoice along with the wire details, no problem.