Your secret source of reliable long-lasting ad account and scaling tactics used by advanced marketers.




In this training you'll learn the secrets behind reaching unlimited spend up to $250,000 / day while getting almost zero audits and how to scale efficiently within one ad account therefore increasing your ROAS quicker than ever! 💰💎

✅ how to avoid instant bans on Facebook,

✅ how to warm up the ad accounts properly so your Quality Score is off the roof,

✅ how to pile up 100s of accounts - or as many you'd like,

✅ how to structure profitable ad campaigns on Facebook that sets you up for success right away by instantly decreasing the CPC prices and getting quality traffic that converts,

✅ get access to an agency ad account rental opportunity so you can launch and scale without being limited by spend or constant reviews

Ad Accounts & Scaling Secrets is your one-stop source of reliable long-lasting ad account and scaling tactics used by advanced performance marketers. This system will provide you with all the information that you need to launch and scale your ad campaigns on Facebook without any turbulence. Anything you can think of you'll find it in there, for example landing pages setup rules, warm-up techniques, Shopify, Clickfunnels and CPA Network best practices. You'll learn all the tips and tricks and gain access to all the tools and contacts that you need to run your ad campaigns AT SCALE within one ad account!
It contains several hours of high quality recorded training videos that will teach you the nitty gritty of running ads successfully on Facebook. You will have a full understanding of what triggers ad account flaggings and how to avoid them. Furthermore you will have the opportunity to rent agency accounts so you can run your ad campaigns uninterrupted at scale!


Module 1 Stock Them Ad Accounts

Module 3 Warm Up Strategy

Module 4 Agency Accounts 101

Module 5 Technical Guidelines

Module 6 Shopify Store Best Practices

Module 7 CPA Marketing Best Practices

Module 8 Clickfunnels Page Best Practices

Module 9 Common Mistakes To Avoid

Module 10 Testing New Ads Best Practices

Module 12 Scaling Best Practices


  • Gain access to agency ad accounts where you can run ads with ease!
  • Have the agency account's dedicated Facebook rep review your funnel (offer, ads, landing page)
  • Run clean and simple without any ad account flagging
  • Turn your ad campaigns into money making machine!


The ROI for myself has been unquestionable. It is without a doubt worth the money and time. And not only do you get what you learn out of it but you get Christina as a valuable contact thereafter that has just proven to be just as valuable as the course itself so I highly recommend her. So if you’re thinking about, if you’re on the fence, JUST DO IT. 

I just hit my first $XXX,XXX month profit and am on top of the world!

- Brandon B.
The content, the information that Christina gives is world-class! Knowledge bomb after knowledge bomb! She knows her stuff when it comes to maintaining Facebook Accounts and being able to run traffic sustainably at scale. There’s no one that knows better than Christina, so she’s someone that’s amazing to learn from.

There’s no one that knows better than Christina

- Richard C.

Christina Szekeres is an absolute genius when it comes to facebook advertising. I was having an issue keeping ad accounts live and she showed me things that would have taken me 20 years to figure out on my own. If you have the opportunity to work with her I highly recommend it.

She showed me things that would have taken me 20 years to figure out on my own.

- Isaac R.



Ask away! The agency's Facebook rep will help you run clean!


Get correspondence between you and an official fb rep! Learn what to fix!


  • Understand the power of Facebook ads and want to master how to eliminate the risk of getting flagged for policy violation
  • Have winning campaigns to scale but are limited by spend limits or frequent account bans
  • Want to grow their digital marketing empire and not deal with ad account issues
  • Who don't want to waste time with endless researching online telling them different things
  • Who don't want to get de-motivated by failed marketing campaigns, flagged ad accounts or spend limits
  • Who don't want to test hundreds of things to see what works and what doesn’t while leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table


Investment: $4,997

Lowest Price EVER 

Grab it while you can! Limited Offer for the first 20 clients!



I would highly, highly recommend that you take this course. I haven’t heard of any other Facebook related course out there that can rival this one. It’s not the mundane stuff that every other course teaches. This is like the GOLD, the PLATINUM, the TITANIUM. 


- Vortex @ STM

Good news!  I implemented all of your teachings and saw my Cost Per Lead drop from $32 per leads down to now at $12 per lead today! HUGE win!

Our client just asked for us to increase our lead flow to 2,000 higher than what we are pacing out now so I started building more campaigns!

- Ruben R.


What if my personal facebook profile is restricted from advertising?

You will be given a clear roadmap how to move on and how to avoid getting restricted in the future.

This program is designed to prepare you for the worst. 

If your personal Facebook account is restricted from advertising you need to move onto another profile which you can do so by following our step-by-step roadmap.

We will show you how to pile up multiple back up accounts so you can run on Facebook uninterrupted in the future.

By going through our training videos you'll learn how to avoid instant bans, as well as how to warm up ad accounts the right way.

When do I get access to the agency ad accounts?

Once you've completed the course you will be put in touch with my team to get the process going for you. My team will correspond between you and the agency to ensure the highest level of customer support. You can post your questions to my 24/7 support team at anytime.

How soon can I get started on the agency accounts?

Once you've completed the course and been put in touch with my team, you will be asked to provide the link of the page you're sending traffic to.

It depends on the campaign you submit, if your campaign is compliant within 1-3 business days.

If your funnel needs changes it can take up to 2 weeks, depends on how fast you can make changes in your funnel.

Once the page is approved by the agency's fb rep it'll take no more than 3 business days to set your ad account up.

What if I need assistance and more help from you?

HUGE value lies in the support you're going to get from the agency's fb rep

You get to ask your questions via Skype.

How much money can I spend on these agency accounts?

Agency accounts don't require warm up. These accounts don't have daily spend limits. You can start with $250,000/day if you wish so.

What kind of campaigns can I run?

The agency takes policy-friendly campaigns only.

The aim of this collaboration is to encourage all marketers to leave the non-compliant marketing practices behind and start running clean, policy-friendly campaigns with the help of the agency and their fb rep.

Can I also "rent" their Facebook rep?

No, there won’t be direct contact with the fb rep however they communicate very good.

There will be easy correspondence 24/7.

Your questions will be addressed to the agency's high level fb rep and you won't have to wait for weeks to get an answer from an official fb rep!

Is it only Facebook? What about other traffic sources?

You can also get your hands on other traffic sources' agency accounts, such as: Google Adwords, Google DV360, Snapchat, TikTok and Yahoo Gemini

Can the fb rep help me get my Facebook BM back?

That’s not something the agency offers. The agency's high level fb rep can only help with accounts they're assigned for. So in the future when you rent agency accounts they'll be able to help you get ad accounts back. Please note, the rep will not help with personal profile restrictions, nor BM restrictions.

They’ll look at your lander and let you know what’s wrong with it so you can start fresh and clean on their agency ad accounts and run without getting flagged in the future. 

What if my agency account gets flagged for policy violation?

It is NOT typical to get your agency account flagged. Out of 100 ad accounts 2 get flagged. That's only 2%!

As the agency will review your page before allocating an ad account for you, making sure fb reps sees it, approves it or suggests changes if necessary, you will be 100% clean, therefore no policy violation should occur.

Also, agency accounts get less audits as they automatically belong to the GREEN compliancy level!

Replacement account is provided upon request.

How do I access the ad accounts?

Agency ad accounts will be attached your old clean verified Business Manager.

Can I attach my credit card to the agency ad accounts?

Typically agency accounts are invoice only accounts, however we have a secret exclusive agency account source where - Yes! You can attach your credit card!

All service fee payments must be made upfront via wire transfer.

Please note we no longer accept Paypal or Payoneer.

How much are they asking for an ad account?

The agency allocates the ad accounts for free.

Depends on what kind of campaigns you want to run, please reach out to one of our team members to learn about service fees. 

[email protected]


Am I obligated to use your agency account services?

No, you're going to learn how to pile up your own ad accounts.

This agency account rental is just a bonus opportunity if you want to take advantage of it!

What's the minimum daily spend?

Daily minimum spend on agency accounts starts at $1,000 / day. That means minimum $30,000 ad spend. Agency will bill you for the minimum ad spend's service fee which is $1,500.

If you wish to use the account but can't spend $1,000 daily, that's fine. Agency will bill you for the minimum ad spend service fee which is $50 daily so $1,500 total for the month. You can top up the account with as low as $2,000 as a start.

Daily minimum spend amount is counted as total daily spend across multiple ad accounts, in case you have multiple stores / links you'd like to advertise.


Upon purchasing this program will I get only one Ad Account or can I request as many as I need?

No, you can request up to 3 ad accounts as a start.

Once proven to be compliant, you can request as many as you like!

The Agency needs to check all ads and the links you will be using, one domain / ad account is necessary to keep things compliant.