5 Weird Tips For Solving The Facebook Ads Account Misery

Mar 08, 2016

I decided to incorporate a new habit to upload more content to my blog. Every time I'm flying somewhere I am going to write a useful guide. Lucky you – I'm flying all the time so my blog is expected to be filled with LOTS OF useful content. :) (At the moment I'm flying from my hometown Budapest, Hungary to visit friends in Bucharest, Romania)


So have you made a rookie mistake and got your first account banned?


When I consult my clients I always explain them how it is almost the most important part of their “money making system”.


Setting up campaigns and optimizing is only one side of the business but when it comes to accounts it is super hard to get the right information in hand. No one wants to share this with others as the more people know about it the faster Facebook will catch on.


So what are your options when it comes to Facebook Accounts?


A. You buy accounts.

B. JV on accounts

C. Create new accounts

D. In-House Account Operations

E. Direct Relationship With FB



A) This is the worst thing you can do. I can only compare it to dating, just like in many women's life man come and go - in a Facebook marketer's life account suppliers come and go. :D


The first time you talk to them you feel refreshed and very excited about finally finding someone good and trustworthy but then you buy a batch of accounts (they usually have a minimum requirement of 5-10 accounts purchase to ensure they make money on you) and then there comes the problems.


You want to login to the account – but it's already flagged and wants ID verification. You contact the supplier and if you're lucky they send you a replacement but when you go over 5-10 accounts a lot more will be just like the first one. In some cases you get to the “I submitted my first campaign and then a few hours later the account got flagged” stage but you're stuck again.




You're cheated on!!! You're happily running on the accounts not assuming anything to be wrong, you want to scale and buy more accounts and all the sudden your supplier notifies you that they are “out of stock” (in other words they probably have copied your campaigns and started running them themselves.) In ALL cases account suppliers have access to the accounts they sell. There's not much you can do about it because if you try to change the password on the account you automatically will get flagged for “unusual activity”.


So what is it that you can do to prevent yourself from buying shitty accounts?

  1. Make sure the account supplier is recommended by a few other trustworthy affiliates.

  2. Try to get 1 or 2 accounts max at your first purchase so you can minimize your loss.

  3. Always ask how the accounts will be set up. Obviously they will be able to access your accounts so in my opinion you're already in a losing position.


B) Do you have a solid campaign and need to scale up? You're struggling with accounts and looking to find a hassle-free solution? You have two options: 1. You stay stuck at the level where you have limited account supplies. OR 2. You JV (profit split 30/70 or 50/50) up with someone who has more accounts. In a JV partnership you can even negotiate to get your campaigns funded to be able to scale up. So how do you find trustworthy affiliates to JV up with? Easy - Go to networking events just like AffiliateWorldConferences or Affiliate Summit and meet the prospect JV partners face-to-face. Ask around who can be worked with. People tend to help in person A LOT MORE than online.


C) Let's go back in time a little and think about how FB had severe issues with fake accounts that also effected advertising, I'm referring to the tons of fake Indonesian and Philippine users... So FB is very good at detecting unusual behavior patterns. If you're planning to create a new account from scratch and pretend to be a real user aka cheating Facebook's algo you need to think about it again. There are so many mistakes you can make and FB detects it so easily.

For example, you're adding too many friends or you're adding friends too quickly or you join too many groups or you aren't active enough, etc... See what I mean? It takes a lot to create a real account and you gotta know what you're doing to make it work properly.



D) You can also choose the route to up your ability to advertise competently as a performance marketer who pushes the line a bit by having various real accounts to diversify campaigns. All it takes is creating an in-house ads account operation – using real personal accounts. There are certain techniques which is not shared anywhere in public because this is where the sustainability is at. If you'd like to learn more about this, don't hesitate to reach out to me via and we can discuss how you can master the art of Facebook accounts.

E) Create and grow normal accounts within your Business manager and then contact FB directly to get help with scaling operations, a credit line, direct support with approvals and what is and isn't allowed, etc. You can get agreements where all ads are pre-approved and ad disapprovals need to go through an account manager. As long as you stay within your agreements your account will not be banned without discussion. That's pretty much the highest level. We all dream of that status :)