Is This Even Real Life?

After spending some good amount of time in sunny California, I wasn't sure if I was ready to leave for Europe and dive in to a full week of networking.


June 9-12, 2017 – the weekend of super affiliates.


And by super affiliates I mean the top 50. From all around the world. Guys (and girls!!) from Indonesia, Russia, Ukraine, Thailand, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, US and many more took the time to fly to beautiful Antalya, Turkey. We were treated like superstars by the AdCombo team – hands down to an elite weekend! They covered the flight, the all inclusive luxury resort stay and looked after all our wishes.

When we arrived to the resort, the beautiful Adcombo girls greeted us with warm hugs right in front of their main prize – the Ferrari California:


The whole experience was just surreal – you arrive to a dream destination to win a Ferrari!

After the heartwarming greetings, the raffle chips, choco strawberry and some champagne followed. We...

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No1 Secret CPA Networks Don’t Want You To Know

I’m on a flight from NYC right after ASE16 on my way back to Houston my 2nd home. I know it’s probably a #FirstWorldProblem but there’s no internet, nor hot meal on this flight even tho I’m flying BusinessFirst on United. At least I have a big room for my laptop and to kill time I have 2 options: watch TV to get brainwashed OR write a killer article to educate my fellow affiliates.

So here I am thinking about a very interesting topic…

What’s your tactic to choose the right offer? What are the main metrics you look at when you’re selecting an offer for testing? How exactly do you measure a GOOD offer?

Let me take a wild guess! You look at the payout first… You’re probably signed up for a multiple CPA Networks and what you probably base your decision on is the payout.

Ever wondered why some networks offer a much higher payout for the very same offer? Let’s say “CPA Network A” offers $12 payout per lead while...

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WARNING – This Is How CPA Networks Can Make a Fool of You

All Facebook marketers can relate to the nightmare of not having any ad accounts to run on. You don't necessarily need to be a naughty affiliate to get your accounts flagged. Many affiliates ask the question what flags an account and my main answer would be: your ads. How!? People are hating no matter what content you're running – for example you run an ad for a Papa T-shirt which is completely compliant with FB's rules but you still end up with a flagged account. Why does it happen? When users don't like your ad first they flag it, then they post a negative comment as they're associating a negative memory or feeling with your image or ad copy. (for example some would comment, “my papa died -,-”) This is out of your control, you can't really predict how many people will flag your ad – which will eventually get your ad account red boxed. It's only a matter of time.


This may be new to you but there's an option to request FB ad accounts from your CPA...

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How to Apply For & Communicate With CPA Networks

When you are getting started with your affiliate marketing journey the first thing you need to get sorted is the application process for CPA Networks. I remember when I was 16 and 17 I had to do the calls and barely spoke English BUT I knew exactly what to say, I used the lingo that is used by the industry (EPC, CPC, etc..) and I got approved right away as I showed a professional image.


Many newbies don't understand the importance of representing themselves as a professional media buying agency, but I believe this is a mistake as if you want to succeed in this business you need be taken seriously. Let me put you into the CPA Network's head for a minute: Just imagine on the wild wild web the many fraudsters that go and try to cheat the “system”. CPA Networks get tons of applications DAILY and fight these shady people so if you are represented as a solo person, you may seem suspicious, especially if you are applying from a foreign country. Secondly, applying as a...

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