Has Your Facebook Business Manager Got Flagged?

Aug 14, 2020

Ever wondered why Facebook keeps flagging your ad accounts? 🤯


How does the algorithm decide which elements of your ads to check and why they end up putting you under their microscope? 👀


Each Business Manager belongs to a certain compliancy level. Each compliancy level represents the level of trust Facebook has towards you as an advertiser.

Okay. So, how does it work? Business manager compliancy levels boil down to three different levels.


LEVEL 1 is considered to be the green compliancy level. So, what does it mean? Facebook trusts you at this point. When your business manager is in a green compliancy level, it means that you haven't had any account flagging in the business manager, your accounts are in a good standing.

Your ads don't really get disapproved and Facebook is only checking the ad text when you submit an ad for approval and therefore it obviously comes with it that you only need to make sure that the ad text is super compliant and the rest of your ad content can be borderline compliant.

Bot screens: - ad text

LEVEL 2 is called the yellow compliancy level, which means that maybe the ad accounts are in a mediocre standing. So, not perfect good standing, but so-so. You have had a couple of disapproved ads, you have had one or two ad accounts blocked or flagged already within the BM. And unfortunately, this will lead to Facebook to check your add text and creative, the image or the thumbnail of the video that you are posting for review. And the bot may do a light scanning of the landing page at this point already too.

Now, the yellow compliancy level is not something you should really worry about if you are doing great and not getting any ads disapproved from that point on or you get the ad accounts back, then you can get into the green compliance level with time.

Bot screens: - ad text; - creative; - thumbnail of video ad; - light scan of landing page

LEVEL 3 is the red compliance level. That's the worst level your BM can be in, meaning it will be difficult to deal with Facebook. At this point Facebook really doesn't trust you as a marketer. Here's how it goes: many marketers, especially affiliate marketers and dropshippers, they submit an ad, it runs for a day and then the ad account or maybe even the whole business manager gets flagged and you're wondering why? And then you appeal, you get the account back and then boom, you get the account flagged after a day again. And then you appeal, you get the account back and then boom flagged again. And it's a vicious cycle you feel like you can never break out of, right? So, it will be very difficult to deal with Facebook ads and it gets you blocked for the smallest reasons.
So when your BM is in this red compliancy level Facebook will check your ad text, creatives and take random screenshots of the videos that you have posted for review and you can expect a lot of disapprovals. And the approval times may take much, much longer than usual and eventually you will get the whole BM flagged. Now, this is the point where I would recommend not to keep working within that business manager, but instead, try to move on to another business manager to mitigate risk.

Bot screens: - ad text; - creative; - thumbnail of video ad; - random screenshots of video ad; - full scan of landing page


I get asked a lot, “Christina, what's the difference between my regular BM and an Agency Account?”


Well, Agency Accounts belong to LEVEL 1 - the green compliancy level so the bot screens less elements on a campaign. When you come across an aggressive ad and wonder “How the hell did this ad get approved and been running for so long!?” - you can be sure it was submitted from an Agency Account.


This is why we've been working with agency accounts with my team. Facebook trusts our campaigns more therefore we get less bans, our accounts spend more and we can scale from one account!

Now I'm not saying agency accounts will get your blackhat campaigns pass. NO. They won't. But if you have a whitehat campaign, you aren't cloaking and looking for more stability, that is your answer.


If you'd like to get started on Agency Accounts - make sure to click here and check out my Ad Account & Scaling Secrets training which not only teaches you my best practices to last longer on an ad account but also comes with an agency account rental option!