Conquered China in 3 Days

Jul 17, 2017

I am on the way back to my new home – Barcelona as I'm writing this article. I just got done with an amazing Chinese business trip – spent some incredible time in Xi'an, China.


Leadbit and Yeahmobi invited me as a speaker to their Chinese Affiliate Meetup, which took place on Friday. More than 400 affiliates showed up, mostly Chinese attendees but you could meet people from Canada, Romania, Russia, Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong.


They had speakers from all around the world, Kokofai from the well-known STM forum was hosting the event and he did an outstanding job, he speaks Mandarin and English so we had a good understanding of what's happening. The biggest challenge in China was the language barrier because not many Chinese speak or understand English very well, but international attendees had the same problem with Mandarin. :) So to overcome this gap – every attendee was provided with a headset for translation, you could listen in to the speeches either in English or Mandarin, there was live translation!


I want to thank Yeahmobi and Leadbit for the outstanding hospitality! They covered my trip – business class ticket and accommodation at the 5 star Hotel Gran Melia PLUS they went out of their way and picked me up from the airport at 7am!! Trips like these remind me of what a great life I have.

Thank you Cynthia and Paula (Yeahmobi) for personally coming to get me at the airport in Xi'an! <3

Also I have to mention that I was very impressed by Olga's presentation (Leadbit)! She's done it for the first time but made it look like it's something she's been doing for a while! :) She nailed it and I'm sure she'll do many more in the future! Beautiful to see another woman thriving in adtech, exactly the type of energy I love to be around!

I was the last speaker for the day - right after Zeno – I talked about Facebook Accounts and how to keep them alive longer. What key rules they need to follow and apparently I got a lot of good feedback from the Chinese attendees as they loved the content. :) I am always nervous when I need to talk on stage, I'm generally a shy person and public speaking isn't my greatest strength, but I certainly believe in challenging myself so I loved the whole experience! Plus I have much more confidence when I speak in front of a non-English native audience.


For the following 2 days I had organized a Private Mastermind - exclusive to 10 people only - to cover everything from A-Z on how to run affiliate campaigns on Facebook. The idea came when I got invited for the meetup, because I have had a lot of Chinese affiliates hitting me up for help before and thought if I already go such a long way to the other side of the world to attend a meetup, why not give a chance to those who want to do a mastermind session with me.

Truth to be told, I was a little nervous about the fact that we were in China, because Facebook is banned in China, so it was like playing with fire, but again I love challenges and didn't let my fears affect my actions.

It was my first live workshop at such a scale – I have done something similar about 2 years ago in Hangzhou, China but only for 3 private clients. So this time I filled a meeting room with 10 affiliates hungry for my Facebook knowledge bombs. :)


As most of my attendees were Chinese – I had the content translated to Mandarin – special thanks to Amy (Vortex from STM) for proofreading the content! She also attended the workshop, so when there was a question from a Chinese client, she could beautifully translate my explanation to Mandarin. She speaks the affiliate lingo which was super helpful! I also had attendees from Austria (living in Hong Kong), Ukraine and Belgium (living in Thailand).


I am very proud of the fact that one of the attendees was a returning client – as Papaya Mobile has hired me before to train their brilliant media buyer lady – Grace. She was the very first person to sign up for my workshop – she said when she saw I do a workshop she knew she had to come to learn more from me! Best feedback ever!! :)
I also had Mia attending – she's an outstanding hustler businesswoman! I was blown away by their understanding and excellent questions – clearly showed they know a lot about Facebook – an ad platform which is banned in their country!



The second day went by just as quick as the first day! We had a long Q&A session in the end, went into deep details on how to set up all the tools correctly. Basically we met at noon (12pm) and was in the room til 6.30pm on both days with a short lunch break in between.


And then finally we went to an authentic Chinese restaurant somewhere in the middle of Xi'an to loosen up after the 2 long days of masterminding. Of course we sat by the traditional Lazy Susie table and drank their liquer, which contains 52% of alcohol! I personally was pretty drained by the end of the day but it was great to see how I managed to bring together such an amazing group of people, most of them were running a larger facebook ads operation, so it just simply felt great to spend time with like-minded business people from all around the world!


And here's the good news! I am planning to do my next workshop in Russia right after the Moscow Conference September 29th-30th!! You can sign up soon OR reach out to me directly and let's discuss the details.


With love,