I Am a Speaker At ASW18!

Nov 17, 2017

WOW! I am so stoked! Shawn Collins – one of the founders of Affiliate Summit - personally reached out to me and asked if I'd like to do a speech at the next Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas!


This just brought up a childhood memory when I was 17 I was visiting my brother in Houston, TX when I realized there was an upcoming Affiliate Summit taking place in Las Vegas.


Now if you've been to an Affiliate Summit before, you know the age limit to attend is minimum 21 – so when I read that line on their website, I was thinking I will personally reach out to Missy Ward and talk myself into the conference.


I had no self-doubt I can do it - I am naturally like that – when I set my mind to something, a goal or project I fear no obstacles. :)


The only thing I was missing were my business cards – I thought to myself, a professional business lady like myself needs nice business cards to be taken seriously at a conference. I was in a rush because the decision to attend ASW was very last-minute so I literally had just a day to get things done. After lots of hours spent on google to do my research (#problemsolving #selfdirectedresearchskills – yes you need them both to thrive in affiliate marketing) I ended up editing my own business cards and printing about 50 of them on my brother's printer (He wasn't so happy I used all of his ink and photo papers – lol) Gosh! I wish I had a copy to show you– haha - looking back, it was adorable, it contained a picture of me on a purple background with some flower motives and my business details.


After booking my ticket and hotel to LAS VEGAS I was ready to go and was so excited to attend, I couldn't sleep that night!! I brought my mom along as she always supported me with any of my decisions and now thinking back, I am super lucky to have such supporting parents, my mom came with me to many conferences, seminars and meetups to help me chase my entrepreneurial dreams.


So when I arrived to Las Vegas I kept trying to call Missy Ward – she wouldn't answer her phone, it only took me to voice mail... I left a few voice messages hoping she'd get back to me. I didn't realize how busy she must have been with the conference. Anyway, it didn't scare me much, I still went to the conference with cash, cute business cards in my pocket and mom on my side with the confidence I will get in!


At the registration counter the lady asked me to present my ID, but she asked it after I paid around $1k (can't remember the exact amount, gosh! it's been almost 10 yrs) for the badge so lucky me, she already took the cash and I was in a winning position (cash talks!!). I told her I am terrible with my passport and so afraid to lose it so I left it in my hotel room's safe! I had shown her my business card which had my picture on it and also had my mom on my side so she didn't really doubt my age. 17 or 21 – not much difference, right!? :D


Disclaimer: I did not consume any alcoholic beverages, drinking wasn't on my agenda. However over the past few years I've learned most of the connections are made during after parties and clubbing. :)


WINNING!! I got in and managed to walk around and make connections. I was pretty fascinated by the convention, my first big conference I attended with so many people around. It was life changing! I remember seeing a few young fellas as well, I was wondering how they also got in. But back then I was too shy to make friends or to actually network so openly as I do today, so the whole experience was great to see what a conference is like and to attend a few keynotes to learn about industry trends.


I feel extremely honored that Shawn Collins has personally reached out to me to speak at their event :)


I will be speaking about what I'm good at: Facebook and ad accounts

    • Types of bans

    • Precautions and security steps to prevent bans

    • Best verticals and type of offers to run in 2018



Oooh and one more exciting piece of news: After Affiliate Summit West I will be hosting a Private 2-day Facebook Mastermind for those who're looking to take their affiliate marketing business to the next level on Facebook. We're going to brainstorm and mastermind on every little details of Facebook, covering underground tactics what you'd never learn about in any other courses nor on forums. It's created for those who want to know Facebook in and out and finding the loopholes to exploit it's platform aka cash milking tool to the fullest. If you think you've got what it takes to attend, I'm hand-selecting the participants so follow this link where I'm taking the applications:


See you in Vegas Baby!