Key Life Lessons I’ve Gained Over The Past 25 Years

Mar 01, 2016

Today is my 25th birthday. It is a magical number as I’ve been waiting for soooo long to be able to rent a car without any extra fees. :D I know it sounds silly but this is the only benefit I can think of when I realize it’s my 25th birthday. I don’t feel much difference, it’s just a number and appreciate life as much as yesterday or a week before… Instead of celebrating myself I show my appreciation to my mom so after I’m done with this article I’m going to head to the flower shop and get her a bunch flowers to show my appreciation to her. I flew home from Bangkok just to be with her and also to see my dog Bandita.

So let’s get into this, lessons I learned in the past 7 years:

Life Lesson #1: Face Your Fears - Just about one year ago I got a request from Jordan (aka Stackman from the STM Forum) to give a speech about my affiliate journey in front of 600 people in London at their meetup. This was my first public speaking and the reason I did it because I like facing my fears and I love the challenging myself. (Note: You don’t have to be a good public speaker to make money online, I never imagined becoming a public speaker or known in the affiliate space as I just loved my privacy and comfort zone) Don’t Be Afraid of Changes – So back to the story… It was completely different from running campaigns while sitting in front of a computer. STM literally put me in the spotlight and I had to grow up to the task to represent the female affiliates in a GOOD way. As Angry Russian said once “You’re the public face of female affiliates in our industry.” – this made me think and to be honest it isn’t always easy so here comes the next life lesson:

Life Lesson #2: Your Mind Is The Only Limitation. – Even if you are afraid of things you HAVE TO take on the challenge, act brave and just go with the flow and figure things out along the way. Whether it’s bungee jumping or public speaking – once you’re done with it you’ll feel great about the accomplishment. If you can learn to think openly and bigger you can literally do anything. Practice, practice, practice! Failure Is Not Fatal – FAIL, FAIL, FAIL as that just means you’re on the way to success. You develop and grow every time you try to accomplish something’s. Focus on doing your best and may you fail, learn and succeed! The key is not to give up. Don’t be a quitter! “Just Do It” – quote by Nike

Life Lesson #3: Don’t Be a QuitterPerseverance is one of the most underestimated skills of successful people. How many campaigns have you launched in the past week? 1 or 2 or 10-20? You whine about not finding a successful campaign while looking at others making a living out of affiliate marketing… Instead of whining try to analyze where you’re missing out and Don’t Compare Yourself to Others – Everyone is on their own journey and everyone have different difficulties to overcome. Some have less obstacles in their way and some have more than you can imagine. If you keep comparing yourself to others it will only lead to dissatisfaction and negative energy. Instead take a deep breath and look at what you’ve accomplished so far and compare your achievements to a year before. Did you grow in the past one year? Are you doing better than a year ago?

Life Lesson #4: Happiness Is On You - Happiness is a state of mind, a choice you make and not your circumstances. We are the creators of our reality. It is an ongoing work in your mind keeping yourself in a high energy-level where you only focus on the positive things, but at the end of the day it is ALL ON YOU! Give In To The Universe – Go with the flow, think about what you truly want and do your best. Treat people with respect and fairness and expect the same in return. I really like Buddha’s saying: “All we are is a result of what we have thought.” Stop for a moment and think about what beliefs you may carry at the subconscious level and even more important, what you feel. To summarize, what you focus on with your thoughts and feelings is what you will attract and create in your experience.

Life Lesson #5: Travel – Honestly, traveling is one of the things that make me really, REALLY HAPPY in life. Traveling opened up my eyes and made me realize that the world is a big and small place. Do it while you can, young or old – find a way to get out of your comfort zone. People love to over think about making a move – my best practice is just doing it, booking the plane ticket, booking an airbnb and GOING! Come on, Get Out of Your Comfort Zone – I’m not saying you have to be super uncomfortable because that kills productivity BUT there is a healthy balance where you are anxious but that anxiety still can be managed – that’s where you can be the most creative and productive.

Life Lesson #6: Stay Healthy – Incorporate healthy daily habits such as drinking 3 glasses of water right when you get up – this will wake you up, hydrate your brain and prepare your body for the hustle through the day. Eat good, avoid junk food and sugary sodas. Create a daily workout routine – hire a personal trainer if you tend to be lazy and that way you have a good reason to go to the gym and work out hard. Push yourself to the limits. Set up a goal and work towards it. My new goal for this year is to go to the gym at least 5 times a week to have a firm and round butt. :D

Life Lesson #7: Never Lower Your Relationship Standards – Meet new people, be friendly, don’t judge others based on their look and surround yourself with people you admire. You’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. When it comes to choosing a partner in life don’t settle for just anyone. Staying single is better than making your life dramatic due to a crazy person in your life.

In overall, there’s still a lot to learn and a lot of room to grow, there’s always a #NextLevel.