WARNING – This Is How CPA Networks Can Make a Fool of You

Jun 03, 2016

All Facebook marketers can relate to the nightmare of not having any ad accounts to run on. You don't necessarily need to be a naughty affiliate to get your accounts flagged. Many affiliates ask the question what flags an account and my main answer would be: your ads. How!? People are hating no matter what content you're running – for example you run an ad for a Papa T-shirt which is completely compliant with FB's rules but you still end up with a flagged account. Why does it happen? When users don't like your ad first they flag it, then they post a negative comment as they're associating a negative memory or feeling with your image or ad copy. (for example some would comment, “my papa died -,-”) This is out of your control, you can't really predict how many people will flag your ad – which will eventually get your ad account red boxed. It's only a matter of time.


This may be new to you but there's an option to request FB ad accounts from your CPA Network as they're usually on top of the game and always keep updating their account systems. They do this because they have an internal media buying team anyway. Providing accounts for their top affiliates is beneficial as they keep getting traffic from you (they have the condition to send all traffic to them only – guaranteed leads for them).


What's in it for you?


You can keep pushing traffic, making money – you don't need to worry about accounts, you can focus on running campaigns, optimizing and bringing the most out of your ad accounts.

No more headache, no more worries – pure money. Sounds good so far, RIGHT?


Why it's a bad idea?


You should keep in mind that the moment you take over an account it's not only you who can access it but the network also. In other words, you're being watched by the network. You're playing with open cards. They can see your warm up strategy, your ad angle and they can also locate your landers. What else would they need to copy your campaign and start running themselves? They know what offers are doing well for you, they see your lander where you pre-sell that offer and also know what angle you came up with to get their attention. Can you connect the dots? They give you the offers to run, the accounts to run on and have an internal media buying team!! Oh oh! I don't trust many people in general and especially don't trust many with my campaigns. How can you make sure they won't run the offers themselves once they see your campaign work – all it takes is just an email notification that the offer you're running has reached its weekly cap.


Is there a solution?


Well, if you're lucky enough and they don't check your campaigns while you're running, once your account got flagged they can still login and retrieve your old campaigns, so be sure to delete the previous campaigns so no one can check it anymore. (There are some affiliates who buy flagged accounts for the very same reason – to login and see what campaigns you were running to get angle ideas and learn about your funnel)



In overall, don't be so naive when you're given a great opportunity. When it sounds too good to be true it usually is – don't make impulsive decisions, think about every possibilities so you minimize the risk you're taking.


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